God Is Good, The Great I AM, God The Creator Of Heaven and Earth

Inner Peace and Spiritual Peace, A Path to Inner Happiness


Inner Peace is important to Christians as it is embodied in Jesus Christ, and they believe peace is available to those who believe in him, and in the midst of struggle there will come this wonderful mountain top experience and the first glimpse of what the life of inner peace is like.

Inner peace is the greatest gift an individual could ever ask for, and so many think they will be happy, but the truth is that without inner peace, they have nothing, and the depth of the inner Peace is a measure of the progress toward spiritual awakening and where the love of God leads. Inner peace is not “human”.

Inner peace is attainable for everybody with the presence of Christ, and God wants everyone to find peace, and He will show the way to All who follow Him, only if they are willing to accept it. Inner peace is not just a way of being that is nice to have, it is imperative that people bring peace into their life, Today!

Step toward inner peace and anyone working for this goal will find peace, spirituality, and a growth of human awareness throughout the world in people and in their life, and the moment when a person finds their inner peace, is when they feel or believe that they have no more doubts, regrets or negative thoughts about the moment. It is only possible when a person is in alignment with life as it unfolds in the moment.

Finding inner peace is an integral part of spirituality and it plays a major role and it is a state where a person’s mind is absolutely still with a sense of contentment and a deep, spiritual energy. Inner peace is the essence of a human being, and a person’s mind is calm, clear, and certain, and God is the inner peace; the result of God’s soothing presence.

Many prefer to endure their inner wars, believing that they cannot change, that inner peace is not realizable, that life is just too hard. This healing journey of finding inner peace and to be that spark that a person so much wants to be; to be that seed of spirituality; inner peace is a vital part of that quest, an inspiration and achieving this is something an individual can choose for, here and now, any moment any place.

Inner peace is a human being’s true nature, and it is available to all mankind whenever someone joins with God in prayers, and this path taken to find inner peace is as hard or simple as a person makes this journey of inner peace; is a matter of accepting ones life in the control of God. Spiritual thoughts from God that teaches people the ways of love and through forgiveness to others. They ask for themselves and others from a consciousness of total faith and with the practice of love and compassion in the moment; accessing the heart center and allowing the spirit to choose ones thoughts. Inner peace is the only peace, there is no other kind.