Amazing Frank Jenner Story – Gambling Addiction to Jesus Christ

How Frank Jenner Meets the Lord
Frank Jenner used to be your typical Australian sailor. He lived a wild life, and was addicted to gambling. One day, in 1937, he met the Lord and was saved. Instantly, his gambling addiction was gone. He was so thankful about how the Lord changed his life that he resolved to tell at least 10 people every day about God.

Over the years, many people would end up hearing something along the lines of “excuse me sir, but if you died today, do you know if you would be going to Heaven or Hell?” from a little white-haired man on George Street.

Dr. Francis Dixon Learns of the “White Haired Man on George Street”
One evening, a Baptist preacher named Dr. Francis Dixon was preaching in Bournemouth, England. A man named Peter gave his testimony about how he was saved.

Where will you be going when you die: heaven or hell? Are you sure?