Sabina Nore A Painter of Surrealist, Fantastic and Visionary Art

Music by Armik “Meet you in heaven”

As a young girl Sabina often spent time dabbling at her uncle’s and aunt’s atelier; seduced by the aromas and the magical atmosphere, these sessions undoubtedly set the base for her artistic development. A treasure hunter at heart and fascinated with the diversity of cultures and people, she was especially infatuated with anything that seemed different or exotic, be it trinkets from far-away countries, customs from distant lands, or new ways of approaching old habits. This passion and curiosity also led to her interest in psychology.

She studied music at the conservatory (music academy) of Vienna to which she was accepted at a young age of 12, joining the class of Prof. Inge Scholl-Kremmel for classical guitar. Her interests and talents were always wide-spread, yet the focus of her passions most firmly remained on the visual arts, psychology and writing. Despite her status as a musical prodigy, she left the conservatory and turned to painting. She studied fine arts and psychology; although she ceased formal studies, she vowed to never stop learning and advancing in these fields.

Sabina Nore currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Her art has been described as surrealism, fantastic or visionary art, poetic symbolism and others. They are possibly all applicable for the simple reason her art is as versatile as her personality.

Sabina Nore had a near-death experience at the age of one which close friends speculate to have given her “an edge” in life. She was on TV at the age of 10 performing a Spanish waltz on the classical guitar. She is of noble ancestry on both sides of her family. She is fluent in three languages: English, German and Serbian. She went from ballet classes straight to hockey classes, from the cliché feminine to the cliché masculine, excelling in each. Her favorite authors are Stefan Zweig and Leo Tolstoy.

She was offered to play the main role (the heroine) of a children’s TV-series when she was 5 years old, but she refused to cooperate and do what she was told.

Personal Quotes

“My paintings could probably be categorized into two groups, especially if you are one of those people who like labeling things into neat packages.
I have a strong emotional side, sensitive and poetic, with all the adorning side-effects, which enables me to lift paintings up to what has been referred to as visual poetry or poetic symbolism.
The other me is cool and collected, witty and sharp, with a passion for philosophy, psychology and games…. That is rather the surrealistic and wacky me, and so are some of my paintings.”

“Constructive criticism helps me grow as an artist, but appreciation helps me flourish.”