Mark Garro – A Surrealist Artist – Magical and Spellbinding Paintings
– Video Testimonials (1000s) on Authentic Hand Painted Canvas Art Paintings…….

Garro is one of the top surrealist painters of our day who’s meticulously detailed imaginative works constantly push the boundaries of time, space and gravity. His new paintings are complicated swirls of impossibly magical and spellbinding scenarios — each one resplendent with sumptous textures, details and metaphors.

Garro incorporates a deep sense of light, color and realism assuming a unique style that sometimes dwells on the dark side. His heavy emphasis on realistic trompe l’oeil techniques puts Mark’s work over the top in terms of space, depth and illusion.

Employing visually rich compositions, artist Mark Garro captivates viewers with his highly detailed work. Garro’s fantastical pieces oscillate between whimsy and darkness. Mermaids are belted with bullets, nuclear bombs take the aquatic shapes of marine life and celestial beings co-exist with nature within the same plane, separated by the inner and outer landscapes of the compositions.