Wojtek Siudmak – Surrealist Paintings in Naturalistic Artwork – Fantastic Realism
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Wojtek Siudmak an artist of Polish origin, settled in France is concidered the principal representative of fantastic realism like M.C.Esher, L.Fini. Fantastic Realism is rooted in surrealism as represented by S. Dali, to whom Wojtek is close by his brillianse in portrating the three dimensional illusion of space, by his sense of light and shade.

The fantastic realism, combining a surreal vision in naturalistic art, is rooted in surrealism represented by S. Dali, R. Magritte, P. Delvaux. Siudmak neighbor with Dali by his virtuosity at making three-dimensional illusion of space, by his sense of light and shadow, as its linear and aerial perspectives. Siudmak adds to these traditional means of artistic expression means purely realistic and very personal, where technical perfection is in the service of an imagination and original.