Basuki Abdullah – An Indonesian painter – Realism Paintings
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Basuki Abdullah (Surakarta, 25 January 1915 – Jawa Tengah, 5 November 1993) was an Indonesian painter. His work is characterized as realism and has been exhibited in the Indonesian National Gallery. He received formal training in The Hague. During the Japanese occupation of Indonesia he was an art teacher. After the war he became known internationally, winning an art contest on the occasion of the accession in the Netherlands of Queen Juliana. His status in Indonesia provided an opportunity to paint the official portrait of President Suharto. Abdullah was beaten to death by three assailants during a break-in at his Jakarta home.

Basuki Abdullah Paintings

An Indonesian Beauty
Bidadari Mandi
Coastal Scene In Sumatra
Flamboyant In The Village
Gadis Manis
Horses 1
In The Rice Field
Javanese Girl
Kampung Scene
Lake View
Mr Adam Malik And Wife
Nude 1
Nudity 1
Ploughing The Sawah
Portrait Of A Dancer
Portrait Of Raden Mas Soedibio And His Wife
Potret Bagong Kusudiarja
Potret Wanita
Reclining Nude
Unknown Title
Wanita Berkebaya Hijau