Paolo Veronese an Italian Renaissance Painter – Mannerism (Late Renaissance) Religious Paintings
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Paolo Caliari, known as Paolo Veronese (1528 – 19 April 1588) was an Italian Renaissance painter based in Venice, most famous for large history paintings of both religious and mythological subjects, such as The Wedding at Cana and The Feast in the House of Levi. With Titian, who was at least a generation older, and Tintoretto, ten years older, he was one of the “great trio that dominated Venetian painting of the cinquecento” or 16th-century late Renaissance. Veronese is known as a supreme colorist, and after an early period with Mannerist influence turned to a more naturalist style influenced by Titian.

His most famous works are elaborate narrative cycles, executed in a dramatic and colorful style, full of majestic architectural settings and glittering pageantry. His large paintings of biblical feasts, crowded with figures, painted for the refectories of monasteries in Venice and Verona are especially famous, and he was also the leading Venetian painter of ceilings. Most of these works remain in situ, or at least in Venice, and his representation in most museums is mainly composed of smaller works such as portraits that do not always show him at his best or most typical.

He has always been appreciated for “the chromatic brilliance of his palette, the splendor and sensibility of his brushwork, the aristocratic elegance of his figures, and the magnificence of his spectacle”, but his work has been felt “not to permit expression of the profound, the human, or the sublime”, and of the “great trio” he has often been the least appreciated by modern criticism. Nonetheless, “many of the greatest artists … may be counted among his admirers, including Rubens, Watteau, Tiepolo, Delacroix and Renoir”.

Adoration Of The Magi
Adoration Of The Magi, 1573
Adoration Of The Magi, 1582
Adoration Of The Shepherds
Adoration Of The Shepherds, 1558
Adoration Of The Shepherds, 1583
Angels, 1582
Annunciation, 1558
Annunciation, 1558 1
Assumption Of The Virgin, 1586
Assumption, 1558
Assumption, 1587
Bacchus And Ceres, 1561
Baptism And Temptation Of Christ, 1582
Baptism Of Christ
Bathsheba Bathing
Christ In The Garden Of Gethsemane, 1584
Christ Washing The Feet Of The Disciples
Conversion Of Mary Magdalene
Conversion Of St Pantaleon, 1588
Coronation Of The Virgin, 1555
Crucifixion 1
Crucifixion, 1582
Dead Christ Supported By Two Angels
Deposition Of Christ, 1549
Do Not Touch Me
End Wall Of The Stanza Del Cane, 1561
Esther Crowned By Ahasuerus, 1556
Feast At The House Of Simon, 1570
Feast In The House Of Levi, 1573
Feast In The House Of Simon
Healing Of The Lame Man At The Pool Of Bethesda, 1560
Holy Family With St Barbara And The Infant St John
Holy Family With St Catherine And The Infant St John, 1561
Holy Family With Sts Anthony Abbot Catherine And The Infant
Iseppo And Adriano Da Porto, 1552
Jesus Among The Doctors, 1558
Jesus Healing The Servant Of A Centurion
John The Baptist, 1551
Jupiter Hurling Thunderbolts At The Vices, 1556
Lamentation Over The Dead Christ
Last Supper
Madonna Enthroned With Child St John The Baptist St Louis Of
Madonna Enthroned With Saints
Martyrdom Of Saint George
Martyrdom Of Saint Justina, 1575
Martyrdom Of Saint Sebastian
Martyrdom Of St Justina, 1556
Martyrdom Of St Sebastian
Monk With A Black Boy, 1558
Mystic Marriage Of St Catherine
Mystic Marriage Of St Catherine 1
Mystic Marriage Of St Catherine, 1547
Portrait Of Daniele Barbaro, 1570
Presentation In The Temple, 1560
Raising Of The Daughter Of Jairus
Rebecca And Eliezer
Rebecca At The Well, 1585
Rescue Of Moses From The Waters Of The Nile
Saint Barnabas Healing The Sick, 1566
Saints Mark And Marcellinus Being Led To Martyrdom
St Anthony Preaching To The Fish
St Francis In Ecstasy
St Jerome
St John The Baptist Preaching
St John The Evangelist, 1555
St Lucy And A Donor
St Luke, 1555
St Mark, 1555
St Matthew, 1555
St Mennas
St Nicholas Named Bishop Of Myra, 1582
St Sebastian Reproving Diocletian, 1558
St Sebastian, 1558
Sts Geminianus And Severus
Sts Mark James And Jerome With The Dead Christ Borne By
Susanna And The Elders, 1588
Susanna In The Bath
Temptation Of St Anthony
Temptation Of St Anthony, 1552
The Adoration Of The Virgin By The Coccina Family
The Angel Appears To Hagar In The Desert
The Annunciation, 1578
The Banishment Of Vashti, 1556
The Consecration Of Saint Nicholas
The Dream Of Saint Helena
The Fainting Of Esther