Albrecht Altdorfer A German Painter

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Albrecht Altdorfer (1480 – 1538) was a German painter, engraver and architect of the Renaissance working in Regensburg, Bavaria. Along with Lucas Cranach the Elder and Wolf Huber he is regarded to be the main representative of the Danube School setting biblical and historical subjects against landscape backgrounds of expressive colors. As an artist also making small intricate engravings he is seen to belong to the Nuremberg Little Masters.

Albrecht Altdorfer selected works
Nativity, 1507
Penitent St. Jerome, 1507
Passion of Christ, 1509-1516
The Large Spruce, 1512-1522
The battle of Issus, 1529
Lot and his daughter, 1537
The Adoration of the Magi, 1530-1535
The pride of the beggar sitting on the train, 1531
Mary with child, 1531
The Martyrdom of Saint Florian, 1530
The Departure of Saint Florain, 1530
Self-portrait 1530
Portrait of a Woman, 1525-1530
Mountain Range, 1530